Paddle Elbow

Paddle elbow, sometimes called tennis elbow, tendonitis, or epicondylitis, is one of the most frustrating of all injuries for a paddle player. If not diagnosed and treated properly it can last for months and months causing much pain and frustration.

It is important to understand that paddle elbow is an OVERUSE syndrome. Not what us paddle players want to hear, yet a fact of life. A week or two break from playing when symptoms first start can pay big dividends in the long run. If you are not fortunate to catch it early, here are my top six recommendations.

  1. Apply an ice cube massage for three minutes directly over elbow’s “hotspot” immediately after playing. Tap around the elbow joint with your middle or index finger and you’re sure to find this spot.
  2. Trigger point pressure or deep massage over the belly of the forearm muscle. It is located about three to four inches below the “hotspot” and hurts like heck. Massage with deep pressure once per day.
  3. Wear a tennis elbow brace or support on the forearm while playing to reduce shock on the elbow.
  4. Cold laser light therapy over the elbow and its associated acu points (find someone who does cold laser therapy). Cold laser is safe, painless, and effective
  5. Check with your chiropractor for misalignments in the neck and shoulder area (these areas send out nerves that control the amount of tension on the elbow muscles and tendons).
  6. Buy a Thera-Band Flex Bar (approximately $20) and do the “Tyler Twist” exercise. A great short demonstration of this exercise can be found on You Tube. If your pain is on the medial or inside part of the elbow (not as common) do the “Reverse Tyler Twist”, which can also be viewed on You Tube.

By Dr. Nicholas S. Bogannam

Dr. Bogannam established Southport Chiropractic Office in 1980 in order to help significantly improve the health of those in Fairfield County. We seek to provide the most caring, attentive service and strive to make your entire chiropractic experience a pleasant one. All your health and business needs are dealt with promptly and professionally, allowing you to obtain maximal results in minimal time.