Country Club of Darien

Karl Levanat, the Director of Racquet Sports at the Country Club of Darien, put together one of the largest paddle member-guest tournaments in Fairfield County this past weekend. With a 32 team draw, the tournament was a huge success, with five different back draws, and the main draw finals all concluding by 3pm. The main draw finals saw last years winners pitted against the prior year’s winners. The team of Dave Mueller and Scott McKessy beat the team of Ross Molloy and Brett Stephens 6-2, 6-3, but the score does not adequately describe the quality of the points played. While Molloy’s serves were unreturnable and Stephen’s drives lethal, Mueller countered with stellar net play and some unprecedented spin shots that even made McKessy comment “was that on purpose?” As the last point was played, the crowd had not thinned from when the day first began (but they were definitely a lot more “oiled up”), which is a true testament to the great job Karl and his crew did in putting this tournament on.

From left to right: Scott McKessy, Dave Mueller, Ross Molloy and Brett Stephens