By Johan du Randt


I highly discourage everyone to think of the serve separately from the first volley – in platform tennis it is all about serve and volley without separating the two. If we really have to approach the serve on its own however, we really need to look at the thought process behind this crucial shot.

Use Hips To Create Paddle Power!

Use Hips To Create Paddle Power!

If you want to develop power in your shots, strong and flexible hips are critical. Creating rotational forces from the legs allows the player to transfer power through his hips and into the shot, creating additional acceleration. Conversely, relying too much on...

How Do You See Yourself? – Christian Buck

I recently worked with a client who could not break out of the 85% overall grade point average. He seemed to be putting a decent amount of effort into his studies, so I was a little surprised that his grades were not rising to the level that we had hoped. What was...

But He Never Misses – Johan du Randt

There is nothing I hate more than when a junior or adult comes to me and says “But he/she (they) never miss”. My dear junior/friend: nobody will ever miss if you don’t make them!! These days, if you don’t look for ways to be aggressive in any sport, you might do...

Paddle Serve – Christian Buck

So, you’re on serve in the 3rd. You have not been serving too well so far, but it has been good enough to stay in it. You step to the line... Toss.... “Out.” Love-15. Second try: “Out.” Love-30… What are you going to do? Buckle down or get the next serve in with the...

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