There is nothing I hate more than when a junior or adult comes to me and says “But he/she (they) never miss”. My dear junior/friend: nobody will ever miss if you don’t make them!!

These days, if you don’t look for ways to be aggressive in any sport, you might do fairly well but will never be top dog. So the question is: do you want to be the front runner or do you want to be in the middle of the pack?

If you are aggressive you are proactive. Consequently, you make people reactive by guessing your next move and as soon as that happens the match is yours to win or lose. The toughest thing is to find the perfect balance but I would rather go out swinging instead of hoping that my opponents will mess things up. This is especially true on the more important points in matches. Just remember there is AGGRESSIVE defense and AGGRESSIVE offense and both feature the word AGGRESSIVE!