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Use Hips To Create Paddle Power!

Use Hips To Create Paddle Power!

If you want to develop power in your shots, strong and flexible hips are critical. Creating rotational forces from the legs allows the player to transfer power through his hips and into the shot, creating additional acceleration. Conversely, relying too much on...

The Key To Winning Points At Net – Johan du Randt

The dreaded question when I am teaching my students: how do we finish the point when we are controlling the net? Ok, not a bad question. Well, there is no miracle shot that is going to get you points but variation and shot selection are key. As you are in control of...

Lake Forest Club Platform Boot Camp – Mark Parson

Lake Forest Club Platform Boot Camp – Mark Parson

School is in session all across America and the same was true for 126 platform tennis players in Lake Forest, Illinois from September 20th and 23rd. Anyone who walked by the platform tennis courts at the Lake Forest Club (LFC) would have sworn they were overhearing a...

How Do You See Yourself? – Christian Buck

I recently worked with a client who could not break out of the 85% overall grade point average. He seemed to be putting a decent amount of effort into his studies, so I was a little surprised that his grades were not rising to the level that we had hoped. What was...


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