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Mind of a Champion

05 January, 2015 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles Gerri Viant’s love of adventure knows both external and internal landscapes. Whether backpacking around the world or exploring the vast interior of her feeling system and psyche, the joy of the journey permeates her....

Who Needs Tennis When Your Wife Has You Covered?

11 December, 2014 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles "I can’t remember not playing paddle,” says Mike Stulac. A two- time winner, finalist, and three- time semi-finalist of the Men’s Nationals, Stulac with his wife Kerri Delmonico has won a Mixed Doubles and three...

The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League

The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League unveiled its new logo on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the league’s Captains’ Breakfast. You couldn’t pick a better time for a retrospective of the organization - how it came about, the way it has moved forward and the...

Pa Seventee

Scott Estes loved to play hockey - outside pond hockey in his native New Jersey, club hockey when his high school didn’t have a team. At Colgate, he moved from last man kept on the team to one of the first, showing dramatic improvement and ultimately excelling as a...

The Universal Partner

“I’m ultra competitive but I partner well.” ---- Steve Baird To say that Steve Baird knows something about winning paddle tennis is an understatement. He was inducted into the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame in 1999. But what sets him apart even from his Hall of Fame...

Moving a Legacy Forward

Gary Squires is a teacher; that’s what he does, that’s who he is. The current Fox Meadow Head Tennis and Platform Tennis Pro has been at it for 35-years. He grew up in Rye, NY and by his own recollection, was drawn to teaching at an early age. “When I was growing up,...

Beyond National Champions: Ana and Viki

Ana Brzova and Viki Stoklasova won the 2013 APTA Women’s National Championship held in March at the Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. The 96-team tournament looms large because it brings together the world’s highest ranked women’s paddle tennis teams....

The Drama of Platform Tennis – Brooke Sussman

When documentary filmmaker George Hamilton brought his camera to a singles platform tennis tournament in his hometown of Greenwich, CT three years ago, he didn’t know how the footage he captured would impact his business or the sport. Knocked out of the tournament...

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