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  20   SEPTEMBER, 2018 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles Every club, county, region has one; the last player anyone wants to face if he or she is intent on advancing in a tournament or playing in a league match. We’re not talking about pros, here. We’re...

Broderick: Notes and National Championships

26October, 2016By Peter KeiserPaddle ProfilesDrew Broderick has a deep- seated belief in his ability to improve as a platform tennis player. He learned a valuable lesson about the possibilities and techniques of getting better from his days as a successful tennis...

Shay and Dardis: Connecticut’s Best-kept Secret

23 February, 2016 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles As the 2016 Nationals approach, there is broad based and penetrating analysis regarding the strategy and tactics of winning paddle tennis’ premiere tournament. It makes sense that this would be the case. But to anybody...


23 January, 2016 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles Forty-two years ago, Herb Fitz Gibbon and John Beck, a pair of large, agile Princeton graduates, blasted their way to the 1974 Nationals Championship held at the Fox Meadow Tennis Club in Scarsdale, NY. Featuring heavy...

Dan Zahler: At The Cutting Edge

12november, 2015By Peter KeiserPaddle ProfilesIt stands to reason that Dan Zahler would approach and assess the human body as a machine. After all, he comes from a family of mechanical engineers. “I see the body as a machine,” he says. “I can see exactly when things...

Jared Palmer: El Campeon

26 October, 2016 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles One of the greatest attractions of paddle tennis and one of the reasons for its surging popularity is its accessibility. I’m not talking about venues, court time and construction costs. I’m talking about the physical...

Scott Bondurant: El Presidente

05 May, 2015 Videos How much do you like paddle? It’s not a contest. Nor is it a challenge because there is so much anecdotal evidence that platform tennis enthusiasts can be certifiable – respectable, fun-loving, camaraderie- driven solid citizens, but still...

Paddle in the City of Brotherly Love

26 May, 2015 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles They played the Philly Open over Valentine’s Day weekend and served an ace! How the tournament came about and what made it such a great success tells you a lot about Philadelphia area paddle – about its history; about how...


04 February, 2015 February, 2015 Paddle Profiles Mark Parsons and Johan du Randt, currently the top ranked men’s doubles platform tennis team in the world, are looking to secure a “three peat” as Nationals champions in Chicago this March. You could make a case that...

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