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  20   SEPTEMBER, 2018 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles Every club, county, region has one; the last player anyone wants to face if he or she is intent on advancing in a tournament or playing in a league match. We’re not talking about pros, here. We’re...

Broderick: Notes and National Championships

26October, 2016By Peter KeiserPaddle ProfilesDrew Broderick has a deep- seated belief in his ability to improve as a platform tennis player. He learned a valuable lesson about the possibilities and techniques of getting better from his days as a successful tennis...


23 January, 2016 By Peter Keiser Paddle Profiles Forty-two years ago, Herb Fitz Gibbon and John Beck, a pair of large, agile Princeton graduates, blasted their way to the 1974 Nationals Championship held at the Fox Meadow Tennis Club in Scarsdale, NY. Featuring heavy...

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