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2014 Open Part 2 (Men’s Draw)

2014 Open Part 1 (Ladies’ Draw)


fcptl_drive_logo1The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League

The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League unveiled its new logo on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the league’s Captains’ Breakfast. You couldn’t pick a better time for a retrospective of the organization – how it came about, the way it has moved forward and the potential challenges it faces as it greets the future.

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2014 Summer League Championships & BBQ


2014 Open PCQ
Men’s and Women’s A DRAW is a Presidents Cup qualifier Viking series
Men’s and Women’s B Draw

Saturday, September 27th

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2014 Summer Paddle Teaser
Deciding Super Tiebreaker to make the finals!

\ NJ summer league Playoffs video

\ Summer Women’s League Part 2 Summer Women’s League 2014 Men’s Summer League 2014

Cochrane/Parsons “Crown Jewels” at LWC 2014


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