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Who needs tennis when your wife has you covered?
by Peter Keiser


“I can’t remember not playing paddle,” says Mike Stulac. A two- time winner, finalist, and three- time semi-finalist of the Men’s Nationals, Stulac with his wife Kerri Delmonico has won a Mixed Doubles and three Husband-Wife Nationals as well.

Unlike the majority of Nationals champions who converted from tennis to paddle, Stulac is a rarity, a paddle player who didn’t grow up a tennis and squash guy. Introduced to platform tennis early on in his native Toronto, Stulac recalls how he grew up with it.

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2014 Sound Shore Invitational Trailer

2014 Open Part 2 (Men’s Draw)

2014 Open Part 1 (Ladies’ Draw)


fcptl_drive_logo1The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League
by Peter Keiser

The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League unveiled its new logo on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the league’s Captains’ Breakfast. You couldn’t pick a better time for a retrospective of the organization – how it came about, the way it has moved forward and the potential challenges it faces as it greets the future.

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2014 Summer League Championships & BBQ


2014 Open PCQ
Men’s and Women’s A DRAW is a Presidents Cup qualifier Viking series
Men’s and Women’s B Draw

Saturday, September 27th

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2014 Summer Paddle Teaser
Deciding Super Tiebreaker to make the finals!

\ NJ summer league Playoffs video

\ Summer Women’s League Part 2 Summer Women’s League 2014

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